What is a Chat Bot ?

What is a Chat Bot ? (a.k.a Chatbots, Chatting bots, A.I Chatterbots)

What is a chatbot ?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence computer software program developed to simulate

intelligent conversation through written or spoken text. in it’s basic form a chatterbot (chat bot)

takes a written text input from a user and match it with the program’s database to output a sentence

which forms chatbots reply to user input, thus keeping the conversation going, some chatbot programs

uses speech recognition, animations etc. for a better virtual user experience

So, why a chatbot ?

One thing it’s fun, chatterbots today have both commercial and educational values, chatbots can

be used for information exchange with a customer in commercial websites/programs to teach children

grammar, and other subjects through a interface using voice, animation, etc. but all chatbots have one

ultimate goal, that is to win the Turing test, which is a test for detecting the best chatbot which can

disguise itself with the best human like interaction, so by implementing Artificial Intelligence logic

codes, real time analysis and learning, a chatterbot could be made like a HAL (2001 Space Odyssey) SUNNY

(I, Robot) or GERTY (Moon) , and that’s what our dream is 🙂

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