How to create a chatbot ? (a.k.a chatting bots, chatterbots) tips and links

How to create a chatbot ?

Well, there's different ways to create a chatbot, the easiest method would be to use existing NLP (natural language processing) engines, or you could program your own but that depends on your experience with programming languages and understanding of AI , ok then, lets check the different options....

1) Verbots

Verbots is an open source A.I platform for developing powerful chatbot brains using an easy interface, the free knowledge base editor let's you create your own custom chatbot with just few clicks, and there's plenty of options to take your bot to the next level like conditional rules, branching, realtime C# codes for rules etc, and there's where we can upload our created chatbot online for just 30$/year and share it with the world, In my humble opinion it's one of the best tool out there to step into the world of artificial intelligence, most of the bots listed in this site has been built using Verbots technology (by Conversive.Inc)

Features : Voice and animation (for both offline and online), conditional coding, community resources, free player and editor with open source engine and a free character creator for creating animated characters both for offline and online purposes

2) Personality Forge

This is an online platform for creating virtual chatterbots, just create a free account to start making your chatbot in minutes
many famous chatbots which have won chatterbox challenges and other contest have been created using personality forge
putting custom animated flash face to your bot will cost about 50$/year

3) Pandorabots

Here you can create an ALICE/AIML (AIML is an xml based language for chatbots, and there's plenty of knowledge files available for free) based bots, edit the response and publish, but no characters/voice options are available, however they have premium services, and I have no idea on the pricings
for more Info on ALICE and AIML please visit

4) Program your own chatbot from scratch

And for that there's only one recipe, that's 'programming', please visit the following site for a quick tutorial on chatbot development using different programming language, and the one language which is missing there 'php' is what I am using for creating ALICIA chatting bot listed on this site, but isn't getting enough time to code 'her' but when ready 'she' will go open source :)

So that's all folks, happy chatbot coding :)